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Protective Orders were passed into law as there are many persons who seek to take advantage of someone in a weaker position. Often the individual most in danger is so fearful or threatened that they are unable to effectively communicate to the court their concern. This can happen to men as well as to women. The court seeks to issue protective orders to keep violence from erupting and to assure that everyone is safe. Sometimes individuals may seek to use a protective order hearing to remove someone from the home or gain custody of children. The impact of domestic violence can affect the employment or immigration status of the people involved. Although anyone in danger should always contact the police first and secure their safety and the safety of their children, contacting our office can be helpful to prepare for the subsequent litigation.

Maryland courts take domestic violence seriously. You do not need an attorney present and can obtain a temporary restraining order in an ex parte hearing. This order, however, only lasts for seven days, and you will need to go to court to obtain a permanent protective order. We would encourage you to consult with an attorney prior to any final hearing.

La Plata Domestic Violence Attorney

Whether you seek a protective order or intend to defend yourself against an order, the Law Office of Marie Palmquist, LLC can help. Our attorney has experience providing legal advice and representation to clients in a range of family law and assault cases.

You must act quickly to defend yourself in these cases. If a protective order is brought against you, it might affect your security clearance, your ability to be hired at a new job or even whether you can own a firearm. For many professions, these consequences can be devastating. You need to contact our office as soon as possible so we can begin developing your defense.

Southern Maryland Attorney Representing Assault Charges

Marie S. Palmquist, Esquire has an extensive health care background that assists her in presenting, defending, and dealing with witnesses under cross examination when her clients are involved in assault cases.

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