Waldorf Legal Separation Lawyer

It is not uncommon for states to have different names for the same legal topic. As people move around the country, these differences can lead to some confusion. One such topic is legal separation. A legal separation can occur if the parties have jointly contracted regarding what will occur concerning all aspects of their marriage, including their assets, marital property, their liabilities, custody of their children, child support, and their respective rights and responsibilities.

In Maryland, couples appearing in court have two options when considering divorce — either limited or absolute. A limited divorce is a tool that the court may use to provide financial support and handle custody of children. A lawyer at the Law Office of Marie Palmquist, LLC can work with you to learn more about your options.

Property Settlement Attorney in Southern Maryland

The court requires the parties to participate in good faith efforts to reconcile the disputes either through formal mediation or through settlement conferences with the court. Even if the court would not require this, an experienced attorney will assist you in trying to settle your case, providing you certainty in the result that you will obtain.

Property mediations are most frequently handled by experienced domestic attorneys as they understand and can advise you in what an expected outcome may be in the court system. Marie S. Palmquist, Esquire is not only an experienced domestic attorney but also an experienced mediator.

If you have questions regarding limited divorce, separation agreements or the process of divorce mediation, do not hesitate to contact our firm.

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