La Plata Child Support Lawyer

Maryland has enacted Child Support Guidelines regarding what factors can be used to calculate child support. These factors can change the numbers that are put into the calculations and therefore affect the actual amount of support that is ordered. If our attorney makes a difference in your child support by adjusting the numbers used for the calculations and therefore the amount you pay or receive, that amount will become significant when multiplied over a number of months and years.

At the Law Office of Marie Palmquist, LLC the attorney will assist you in preparing the paperwork and legal argument to calculate child support most favorable to you. How much child support you pay may determine if you can afford to do certain activities with your children and we believe that deserves our attention.

The lawyer will go through recommendations based on many factors that are calculated and may be debated in determining child support:

  • Medical and dental insurance premiums
  • Extra-curricular activity costs
  • Educational expenses
  • Day care costs
  • Special needs expenses

Child Support Modification Attorney

The court does not encourage re-litigating the same issue, and an attorney can advise you whether the court is likely to "punish you" with attorney fees for seeking a change. Our firm can help you determine what types of outcomes you may anticipate so that you and the attorney with the Law Office of Marie Palmquist, LLC can determine whether or not it is economically feasible for you to file for a modification. If we represent you in a valid modification, we will prepare pleadings to clearly identify the change in circumstance warranting a modification.

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