Maryland Adoption Lawyer

Many attorneys and judges consider adoption as one of the most heart-warming aspects of family law by connecting children in need with loving parents. The Law Office of Marie Palmquist, LLC considers it an honor and privilege to represent you and your family at this important milestone in life. If you are considering or plan to adopt a child, you need a firm that can meticulously navigate the procedural requirements involved. Our office handles:

  • Step-parent adoption
  • Family/third-party adoption
  • Private adoption/closed adoption
  • Interstate adoption

Adoption in Charles County, Prince George's County, Calvert County, St. Mary's County, Anne Arundel County, and throughout Maryland

Working with a skilled attorney at our firm during an adoption case can alleviate stress and accelerate the process. Adopting parents without proper representation may find the paperwork submitted is not sufficient and the court may not grant the relief requested. The lawyer will take the time to review all the paperwork, identify documentation needed, assemble the documents, and prepare the pleadings to complete the process in a timely fashion. Often the firm will need to seek a termination of biological parental rights before an adoption can take place and our office has had repeated experience in handling this issue.

Name Change

There are multiple reasons why a person may wish to have his or her name changed. There are many times that, with the assistance of counsel, a party may obtain a name change without ever having to appear in court or present testimony. Our office can assist in preparing pleadings that will make this happen.


Families and a person's role in the family are constantly changing. Sometimes a family member never was or no longer is able to function without assistance. Grandparents often must assist their own children during periods of their child's disability with the minor grandchildren. Our office can steer you and your family through the guardianship process.

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