Attorney Profile

When you hire us as your legal counsel, you put almost 20 years of legal experience and 20 years of medical experience on your side. At the Law Office of Marie Palmquist, LLC you have an accomplished attorney handling adoption, family law, divorce, legal separation, custody, child support, protective orders, name changes, traffic tickets and violations, revocation of license and registration, DUI and DWIs, assaults and Maryland Board of Nursing cases.

Marie S. Palmquist, Esquire opened her law office in 1995. She also served as co-counsel with other firms developing expertise with a wide variety of cases and litigation. Ms. Palmquist is well known as a trial attorney for her thorough, detailed and aggressive approach in obtaining results for her clients. In many circumstances, Ms. Palmquist has been able to assist her clients in demonstrating that a change in custody is in the best interest of their minor child. Marie S. Palmquist, Esquire has successfully defended alimony claims which can be costly to clients if not properly defended. On multiple occasions, individuals in the courtroom have made an appointment after listening to a court case she was handling.

She has a reputation for carefully listening to her clients and understanding their point of view, being frank concerning their options, being dedicated to fully representing their position, being detail-oriented in presenting their facts accurately, being well prepared and organized for trial, and being creative in determining how to accomplish her clients' desired outcomes.

Ms. Palmquist has completed training specific to alternate dispute resolution and actively mediates child custody and visitation, marital property and civil cases both for the court and privately.

Medical Experience That Benefits Many Clients

Marie S. Palmquist, Esquire began in the practice of law after an extensive career in health care. Ms. Palmquist holds a Master's Degree in Education and a Master's Degree in Nursing and has worked as an administrator, educator, and staff nurse in health care. Ms. Palmquist has been able to favorably resolve licensure issues with the Maryland State Board of Nursing. Her health care background assists her in evaluating and preparing for trial cases involving domestic violence, assaults, and alcohol-related driving offenses as well as being able to communicate directly and frankly with clients.

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